The Way The Hen Kicks

London is caught in a perpetual blizzard…

“… brimming with emotional resonance… Kavli’s descriptions are lyrical and ominous… A foreboding tale of a snow-covered London in despair, enlivened by encouraging characters and events.” – Kirkus Review

“A remarkable and compelling novel. Kavli is clearly a writer with much more to give us.” – Paul Binding

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LONDON IS CAUGHT in a perpetual blizzard – and not a single piece of snow-removal equipment can be found. The mayor has sold it all to balance the budgets. To cover his tracks he calls upon the legendary snow-remover from Norway and Operation Snow Removal can begin.

THE WAY THE HEN KICKS is a story about gravity and awareness. About mothers and sons; love, ambition and corruption. About what it means to want to preserve something for future generations.

Lars Guthorm Kavli is a graduate of the Masters in Creative Writing at UEA.

The Way The Hen Kicks is his debut novel.

He lives in Berlin.